Quality is very essence of any brands reality and we had taken it as our lifeline. Ultimately quality product can reach a brand or product any level, so we take strong measures to ensure the great quality in all stages since from fabric in-house to cutting to production to finishing. Finally after deliver the product, quality only speaks large after all.

Sampling Development and R&D :

The samples are made to client's specifications and our innovative creation based on fashion trend in the global market. Frequent visits across the global to have a personal encounter with the Company's long list of clients ensures instantaneous updating of fashion, trends, developments.

Order follow up:

Periodic production status, right from test requirements (Nominated Test Laboratories) and quality control at various stages from fabric to Final Random Inspection.
We do internal washing tests for every sample which is sending to the customers for approval and also tests some of the garments between productions to ensure the fastness or reactions of the embellishments.
We have to follow certain AQL level quality standards as per client requirements. We are always working on the 0% defective products for every order


100% Cotton, 100% Organic Cotton, 100% Polyester, 100% Viscose, blend of Cotton/Viscose, Cotton/Polyester, Cotton/Elastane, Viscose/Polyester fibre are used by us in our fabric ranges. We also import fabrics from China, Spain and Portugal according to our client’s requirements